Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Milton Friedman's Legacy

I hate to speak ill of the recently deceased. In fact, I won't. I never met Milton Friedman. But as a Christian, I will say... he spouted profoundly anti-Christian doctrine.

While people run around with their knickers in a twist over gay marriage and/or sex (something which Jesus never commented upon, and which his disciples mentioned only when condemning the use of gay prostitutes to worship other gods and goddesses, making it unclear whether it was the gay sex they were objecting to, or the worshipping at false idol's temples, or using fellow human beings for amusement and fundraising... but I digress), this man's call for ignoring the needs of one's fellow man in pursuit of profit is not only tolerated but embraced by those calling themselves Christian.

Where is Fred Phelps with his "God Hates Greedy Bastards" sign? Not that I would approve of that, but it could be ideologically consistent at least. As Christians, we are supposed to believe that our fellow human beings are God's presence on earth, and whatever we do to them, we do to God. In all his forms.

Milton Friedman gave people permission to give into their baser instincts, their reptilian brains which urged them to engage in greedy hoarding at the expense of their fellow man. Were he urging sex without conscience, he would be villified. But because he was urging profit without conscience, he is celebrated.

Religion isn't the enemy. Selfishness and an unwillingness to overcome our weaknesses is.