Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is Purely Hypothetical, of Course.

Why, if your marriage is already weathering the stresses and strains of constant travel, would someone choose to invite an old flame out to dinner while in this old flame's current city? Away from his loyal spouse? Huh? Hypothetically, why would someone do that?

You know, especially since the wife was warned about this former high school relationship at a wedding by one of the husband's former high school colleagues. Hypothetically.

Why would informing the wife of this "dinner date" make everything ok? Because it would hypothetically put the onus on her of appearing "distrusting" and shrewish if she had a problem with it. So, she just smiles and says "I love you, have a nice trip," as you walk out the door AGAIN for another week of leaving her alone to deal with the mundane day to day details of running a home and raising children. Hey, hypothetically, some people might call that adding insult to injury.

So, hypothetically, this spouse might be pretty fucking pissed off and miserable and full of self-doubts and feeling like an idiot for ever giving up a career and stretching out her body having children and giving up the best years of her life because she stupidly trusted you. Hypothetically.

Because, hypothetically, this high school flame is some unattached Hollywood producer with long blond hair and a non-stretched out body.

So maybe hypothetically the hypothetical wife is just beside herself with rage and pain and can't really talk to anyone about it. And maybe, hypothetically, she hates you for making her feel this way. And maybe, hypothetically, it's going to take a lot to make her trust you.

So I hope that scratching that little itch, whatever that itch was, was worth it.